Wearable Computers by Logical Increments

A joke video for April Fools 2014 produced for Logical Increments, a website that supplies advice on building custom computers.



Interview with Dr. David Acheson, filmed and edited for Food Safety News.

I interviewed the former Chief Medical Officer at FDA and USDA, on food safety and policy at the 2013 conference for the International Association of Food Protection, where he delivered the keynote address.

Music video for "Dive in Destiny" by Wes Speight, a Seattle-based independent singer-songwriter.

Safe Handling for Chick Season, filmed and edited for Food Safety News.

I visited Michelle Boman at the Grange Supply store in Issaquah, Wash. to discuss the best practices for handling chicks to avoid possible Salmonella illness.

Sushi Salmonella Outbreak, filmed and edited for Marler Clark. 

Food poisoning attorney Bill Marler discusses a Salmonella outbreak from a tuna sushi product that sickened people across 28 states in the summer of 2012.