I'm a Seattle-based video producer and writer.

I am the Vice President and lead producer for Silver Fir Media, a production company focused on outdoors-related videos for government and nonprofits.

I also produce videos on a freelance basis, often under my own name and with wonderful production companies such as Yoyostring Creative, Red Element Studios, and Top 360.

On the writing side, I'm the Content Editor for Logical Increments, managing their content and video strategy that attracts more than 2 million annual visitors. I also created Logical Cameras(It's still beta testing!)

Formerly, I was the managing editor of Food Safety News, where I spent almost 5 years covering agriculture, food science and foodborne illness outbreaks. In the past, I've worked stints as everything from a science writer for the National Park Service to a copywriter for Groupon.

I also once wrote and produced a play about a space alien who has an existential crisis after abducting David Bowie, but you probably didn't see that.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my work. Please feel free to get in touch, whether to just say hello or to work together.